Thank you for showing us how it’s done:

  • I admire how you spotted the gap in the UK market and were happy to steal with pride, taking an existing idea (Netflix) and executing it beautifully via both branded and white-label solutions
  • I admire the evolving Business model and how it initially combined the old (i.e. the postman) and the new (i.e. the internet) to ease consumers into a new behaviour. And how now, as streaming becomes easier and more widespread , you look set to side-step the Blockbuster trap (Blockbuster on life support) via the “Watch Now” button
  • I love the Value / Service Proposition – OK, so we sometimes don’t make it through all 4 DVDs in a month, but a massive selection and no late fees = a no brainer
  • I love the core advertising strategy (focussing on ease of use) and idea (question followed by movie clip) and the richness and longevity it affords in terms of new executions
  • I love the way those ads work on so many levels – Awareness, Interest and Desire all aroused – maybe that’s why well over 1m members have taken Action
  • I love it that the ads were done in-house. Maybe it was a co-incidence but the similarity to one of my all time favourites, Dream On (made by Marta Kauffman and David Crane who went on to make Friends), makes me think that you might have been stealing with pride once again…But so what? As Faris Yakob says, “Talent imitates, genius steals”. Check out this Dream On clip featuring a pre-Friends Courtney Cox – it’s about 10 mins long:

Fingers crossed your new agency 18 Feet & Rising can help you continue the perfect marketing storm you’ve created so far.



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