Dear Hula Hoops

Dear Hula Hoops,

Thank you for fitting so neatly on to the ends of small people’s fingers.

Other than a dog enjoying  the buffeting effects of wind in the face from a moving car window… is there anything quite so heart-warming and humourous as lots of children bedecking all 10 of their digits with Hula Hoops, whilst casually carrying on with the consumption of other tea party delicacies?

A bit like the glorious black stuff (Guinness), you’re a victim of your own success when it comes to genuine Innovation. Just as a pint-is-a-pint-is-a-pint that’s not to be messed with, as soon as you do anything that’s not a hoop, you’re not a Hula Hoop…So thank you for keeping up the regular product improvements (No artificials, No MSG etc). Thank you for nice little brand activations such as the Golden Hoop Food Awards (check out the Elvis one). And finally thank you (I think!) for learning from your back catalogue of failed NPD and for realising that Innovation may not be for you.



2 thoughts on “Dear Hula Hoops

  1. Gary Bembridge

    Thank you to you… for having my blog listed in your blog roll! i will add yours to mine

    Thank you to you … for the format of the blog. I LOVE the approach to thank you. Nice and different! Wish I had thought of it…

    As per my email, the latest Brand Fruition newsletter has left the “d” out of wordpress in the link to your blog..



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