Dear Nurofen

Dear Nurofen,

Thank you for giving me “targeted pain relief”. I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday and without you I’d be all at sea. But as it is, I feel like the pain in my mouth is being relieved whilst the rest of me can carry on pretty much as usual, now that the sedatives have fully worn off. Which is great.

To be honest though, I don’t like your animated little pill ads much:

Ads like this always strike me as a victory for the advertising idea over the core brand meaning, which is never a good thing, in my book…I can see how you / the ad agency got to this, and I admire your attempt to be different, breaking away from the “good-looking middle-class white guy experiencing pain” cliché. But as with most pieces of anthropomorphic communication, it’s a very fine line between, something that works (Peperami) and something that just lacks credibility and frankly seems plain silly (Tic Tacs):

So, ads aside, thank you for delivering a genuine functional benefit and for being OK to mix with paracetamol.



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