Dear The Megane Experiment

Dear The Megane Experiment,

Thank you for being different. Bizarre and sailing pretty close to the wind, but subtly entertaining and infinitely more engaging than so many of the run of the mill car ads out there, and so much of the sponsored entertainment (as neatly described by David at The Brand Gym) we see . Check out the TV ad and then the full 11 minute video:

Claude seems to be one of those indefatigable people who you cannot help but like despite your better judgement…I like those people. I also like the idea of the team thinking up the questions to include in the survey and I somehow feel pleased to know that where I live has 71% of the national average of blue rinses and 226% of the Renault Meganes. I wonder if they had discussions about whether this was a great way to grow in geographically weak areas in the UK or in fact a way to consolidate in its core regional strongholds…

The previous crown for daring to be different in the car category belonged to Skoda and their fabulous Cake and Sand ads, which supreme and much awarded in their own right, benefited from plenty of “how the ad was made” PR as well. The ads:

Not sure Skoda have got it right recently though. The recent Milky-Bar-Kid-Western-Style cliché range  promotion ad is surely a contender for Turkey of the Year…it’s like something from the 80s but with a slightly slicker production values. It’ s so bad that it’s not even on YouTube. Where did it all go wrong?

Thanks again, The Megane Experiment, you can read more about it here.



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