Dear Gillette

Dear Gillette,

Thank you for this:

The opening credits page splash pretty much links you to this, but fair enough for not falling into the trap of the product placement style cringiness of the Gillette Champions. It’s a shame that the whole stunt is quite so obviously choreographed, despite the efforts to make it look spontaneous (the bottle dropping off William Tell’s head – twice – and the dodgy throw of the second ball to Roger). But to be honest, does it really matter? It’s entertaining and I suspect will be (or probably already is) this week’s (or maybe just today’s) internet “sensation”.

It reminds me of Nike’s (fake?) Ronaldinho Crossbar Challenge which personally I think benefits from Ronaldinho’s lack of attempt at “acting”, and just getting on with what he does best. No snappy suits here – Roger, take note…




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