Dear Argos Catalogue

Dear Argos Catalogue,

Thank you for being known as the “laminated book of dreams” in the household of my co-partner at Brandfruition and friend Steve Purnell.

That’s just exactly what you are.


UPDATE – 24-08-10

Steve tells me that the “laminated book of dreams” phrase was in fact borrowed with pride from a stand-up comedian, possibly the superb Michael McIntyre

Just done a quick Google search which reveals that it was in fact Bill Bailey, the “quote” being:

“The laminated book of dreams! You know why it’s laminated, don’t you? To catch the tears of joy! So many beautiful things! I cannot possess them all!”

Check out the full clip on myspace here.

Reminds us once again that Talent imitates, genius steals.


2 thoughts on “Dear Argos Catalogue

    1. Ned Colville (Director, Brand Fruition) Post author

      Not intended. I am actually a big fan of Argos and like the way they’re running the Bing Crosby ad in combination with more traditional Argos style ads at the moment…although expensive, a two-pronged attack certainly stands a good chance of cutting through…


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