Dear Heineken

Dear Heineken,

Thank you for showing us the power of a truly campaignable idea.

I’m not quite sure whether any particularly differentiated brand meaning is conveyed, but all of the executions are humorous, extremely “share-able” and spot on for driving / building / consolidating brand awareness…perfect for a mature category like lager. Sure, there is a frisson of similarity to Budweiser’s “Wassup!” campaign, but frankly, so what?

Here’s the first ad:

And then the first follow-up:

And now this:

And this:

Thanks for making me laugh.


PS – I couldn’t let a post about Heineken go by without including this – “Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach” has to be one of the all time great straplines…category defining (as in “Beer = Refreshment”) you might say:


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