Dear Daily Mail

Dear Daily Mail,

Thank you for inspiring The Poke (a UK (Junior Partner?) version of The Onion) to create The Moral Underground…it’s pure genius, and brought a smile to my face.

Here’s a small version, but click on the picture to see it in more detail.

It still astounds me that you (Daily Mail, that is) manage to get nearly 2 million people to part with around 50p on a daily basis given the unrelenting vilification doled out by the rest of the British media.

If we take a traditional definition of a brand  as a “collection of meanings and associations”, then it’s hard – for me at least – to envisage what possible positive meanings and associations would come to mind. For me, they’re all (every single one of them) negative…or perhaps I’ve just been listening to too much BBC Radio4 comedy and need to broaden my perspectives. (Irony intended by the way).

You probably don’t have one, but if it did exist, your brand positioning statement / format / onion / shape (whatever) would, I reckon, make for a hilarious and flabbergasting (if cringe-inducing) read. The thought of a positioning format / diagram known as the “Daily Mail Brand Electric Chair” makes me chuckle.

And thanks to The Moaning Cow, where I first spied The Moral Underground.

Thanks again



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