Dear Soreen

Dear Soreen,

Thank you for being a secret pleasure. When thickly cut and spread with lots of butter and Marmite, your chewiness and salty sweetness are a pure delight – to me at least.

And thank you for being 100% clear about who you’re for and what benefits you deliver…the ” kids do funky dance routine” execution of the current “Chew it. Then do it.” campaign is a little bit too “Britain’s Got Talent” for me, but it makes sense and successfully harnesses and channels some of the plentiful, but somewhat inconsistent, brand personality displayed in the ads over the years.

Here’s the most recent ad:

And ones from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s – an interesting observation of the evolution of advertising norms, if nothing else:

And thanks for your product range – I can almost see the segmentation and NPD strategy as if it were in a nice PowerPoint deck  sitting on my desk before me…which appeals to me in some strange way!



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