Dear Red Bull Illume

Dear Red Bull Illume,

Thank you for combining two of my passions* – sporting endeavour and photography – and for so being so brilliantly and inextricably linked to the Red Bull brand DNA.

Red Bull itself never ceases to impress me with the breadth and variety (check out of its brand activation (which is a very good thing) and sponsored entertainment (which is nearly as good, especially as it’s always “on-brand”).

But you, Red Bull Illume, really inspire me – you literally do give me wings.

When I look at the images that you’ve brought into a single place, I feel a swell of excitement. They awaken the senses of anticipation, serenity, adrenalin, competition and pure pleasure, all of which are delivered in various doses by sporting activity. The thought of so many people all around the world planning, taking part and revelling in a such a vast array of cool and amazing pursuits, all in the name of fun – and then capturing those moments on film for ever – fills me with joy, and inspires me to get out there and do it myself…not sure I’ll take a can of Red Bull (too many essay-crisis associations unfortunately), but I’ll be grateful to Red Bull for the inspiration nonetheless.

Thank you Chris Bukard – this year’s winner – for this utterly stunning shot:

Here are a couple of my other favourites from this year’s bunch (click on each picture to find out more):

Thanks again


*Actually, “passion” might be an overclaim as the implication is that I devote the majority of my spare time to them and that I’m a talented practitioner, neither of which are true…but that doesn’t mean that I don’t find inspiration in them on a regular basis.


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