Dear Mercedes-Benz

Dear Mercedes-Benz,

Thank you for your “The Best or Nothing” masterbrand positioning, the above the line execution of which has recently appeared on TV in the UK:

I’ve always been an admirer of the sleek nature of your communication (especially the wonderfully consistent press advertising) and whilst some of it has been pretty silly in my view (i.e. the Presence, Attraction, Ambition tosh that formed part of the beautifully executed but the way too pretentious “I am Mercedes-Benz” campaign), other executions have been truly heartwarming…

…and sometimes even slightly humorous…

Heritage or “retrospective” advertising is notoriously hard to do and I admire the fact that with your “The Best or Nothing” positioning you have avoided the trap that Vauxhall has fallen head-long into:

Whereas Vauxhall has lazily cobbled together a batch of historical ads and footage with a self-referential and platitude-ridden script (not to mention sound-track), you Mercedes, have taken a similarly banal set of messages (innovation, design, passion, celebration of successes, blah-blah-blah) and brought them together with a unifying, ownable and relevant big  brand  idea that sets you apart and successfully achieves what many brands strive for – something that works as well for employees as it does for consumers.

“The Best or Nothing” – the thought of taxi drivers around the world nodding their heads makes me smile.



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