Dear Brian & Sell!Sell!

Dear Brian & Sell!Sell!,

Thank you for your Open Letter to All of Advertising and Marketing from a Fairly Normal Bloke:

Quite agree – and thanks for giving me a laugh.

There’s a time and a place, and as someone once said, “Just because you can, that does NOT mean that you should”.

Click here for the link to the original blog – some nice comments winging back and forth…I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like the Sell!Sell! website before either, so thanks for that too…it made me think.

Thanks also to Neil Perkin and his excellent Only Dead Fish blog which drew my attention to this.

Thanks everyone.


PS – For those that are interested, here’s the link to the offending Wall’s microsite – a potential £5k worth of funding slightly changes things but Brian still has a point…


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