Dear Google SketchUp

Dear Google SketchUp,

Thank you for being amazing and for letting me pretend that I’m an architect and a designer…my limitations in Physics and Maths ability are but a distant memory…

Hitherto, my “3D Modelling” has been inaccurately and painstakingly articulated with squared paper, a ruler, a pencil, a sharpener and, most critically of all, a rubber. But with you, I can knock a sketch together almost instantly – and one that looks half decent too. Now that I can design better, I want to design more…thank you.

You have opened up a world of possibilities for me and as such, you’re helping make your parent’s mission statement (“To make the world’s information universally accessible and useful”) a reality…

And thanks for being FREE…now I want to delve deeper into the world of Google to find out what else is out there – I’m just worried that I’ll find more stuff to chain me to my laptop.



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