Dear Dulux

Dear Dulux,

Thank you for your Let’s Colour Project. It makes me smile:

In fact I should be thanking Akzo Nobel, your Dutch owners, but since you’re the UK brand which is where I’m from (Dulux Valentine, Coral, Flexa, Marshall elsewhere round the world), my thanks go to you, even if you are running a different (and in my view much less impactful) campaign  at the moment:

You’re a brand that I’m familiar with both personally and professionally and I have to say that I love the “Let’s Colour” global positioning and this campaign – it all hangs together beautifully and is right up there in the much sought after higher-order emotional stratosphere. It’s about people (humankind), it’s about you, it’s about transformation and it’s about colour – your primary functional benefit. Sure “colour” is the category generic, making this very much a category leader’s positioning (like Coke talking about Taste & Refreshment), but the execution is so vibrantly colourful and engaging that I suspect it will cut through in countries where you’re not the leader.

And thanks to John Howard and his Living Brands blog entry which drew my attention to the French Walls are Dancing sub-initiative which is also sublime:

Here’s the obligatory (and for those of us in the industry as John points out, super interesting) “making-of” clip:

I agree with John that it would be great to see how effective it’s been, but my instinct – and the 100k+ views on YouTube – tell me that this is the sort of thing that is highly shareable…plus there’s all the PR and the physical legacy for passers-by to see. The risk was that Walls Are Dancing would fall into the trap of Sponsored Entertainment (a term coined by David over at Where’s the Sausage? and referenced in my Blog about The Megane Experiment), but I think it has spectacularly avoided that potential pitfall.

Thanks everyone…time to dig out the paint brush!


PS – When are you heading to Buenos Aires and La Boca? Or do you think they’re OK for paint for the time being?


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