Dear The X Factor

Dear The X Factor,

Thank you for, once again, being enthralling and addictive TV. Brilliant and painful at the same time, without you, we wouldn’t have had Wagner’s: “Sometimes I fill like trow my hinds up in de air!”

But more importantly, thank you for being such a huge TV event that you inspire, I reckon, the creation of ads like this from Yeo Valley:

More than 140k views already. Not sure what is does for the brand, but it’s great to watch and it is different.

And this from Ikea:

Now that’s a thing of beauty and I think does do a lot for the Ikea brand…cool, young, beautiful party-people get their kitchens at Ikea.

I don’t think these wonderful ads, which both aired during your breaks over the weekend, would have been made without you, The X Factor, so thank you.


PS – Here’s Jona Lewie performing the original track from the Ikea ad on Top of the Pops


Read more about the Ikea ad here on popsop


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