Dear Absolut

Dear Absolut,

Thank you for showing us the power of the Limited (Collectors’) Edition (and the positive impact it can have on your overall brand) and for remaining religiously loyal to one of your core brand assets, your iconic bottle shape.

Your latest Limited Edition, Absolut Glimmer, is just too stunning to hide away at the back of a shelf or in a cupboard. Given that those purchasing Absolut Glimmer will no doubt have agreed – by paying the significant premium in the first place – I suspect you’ll find yourself in pride of place, for all to see, both in the on and off-trades. What a great situation to be in, and when every single brand touchpoint communicates, so much the better:

Check out these equally alluring previous Limited Editions: Absolut Bling-Bling, Absolut Rock, Absolut Disco and Absolut Masquerade.

Thank you for making me think about the psychology of collecting and the value of scarcity. I don’t need any of these bottles of Absolut – I very rarely drink vodka – but I really want all of them. And I bet you have fun coming up with the ideas for the next Limited Edition too…I like the idea of that.




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