Dear Argos

Dear Argos,

Thank you for your new ad – it gave me a good laugh:

I know it’s hard for you at the moment what with all the multiples/supermarkets encroaching on your traditional heartland, the internet not going away and the impending cuts not likely to make things much better.

But it’s good to see that you’re willing to take a bit of a chance and do something that’s different from what you’ve done before and likely to stand out from rest of the Yuletide retail chaff that we’re likely to have to endure over the next few months. Not sure the ad will drive sales, but thanks for taking the risk.

No matter what people say, your Catalogue – known by some as the “Laminated Book of Dreams” (as I blogged about here) – will be compulsory for many families well into the foreseeable future.




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