Dear Virgin Atlantic

Dear Virgin Atlantic,

Thank you for knocking the socks off the competition when it comes to your overall service package. Much has been written about your Upper Class service and your Club Lounges and they really do take much of the pain out of long-haul travel. The limo service and drive-through check-in make a genuine tangible difference in particular, and the little fripperies on the side / on the ground (e.g. spa-treatments, shoe-shine, hairdressers, mood-lighting etc) also contribute to making the experience just that much better.


Thank you for your most recent ads – for the most part, they are beautifully glossy and glamorous and they make me smile. I think that you just about manage to ride the tightrope of supreme confidence vs. arrogance / smugness, but I do think it’s a real shame that you feel it necessary to end by cutting to what (I suppose) is intended to demonstrate your “human-side” with the  jokey quip / piece of dialogue, as it takes some of the edge away:

But thanks anyway – given the choice I’ll always fly with you.




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