Dear Kronenbourg 1664

Dear Kronenbourg 1664,

Thank you for your “Slow the Pace” positioning and for reminding us of the benefits of looking to adjacent categories (whiskey in this case I suspect) for inspiration when it comes to developing a brand positioning:

Being neither a ‘Banger, a Mohead, nor an aficionado of thrash/speed metal,  it’s only through a bit of follow-up research (which had I been a non-brand-blogging member of the general public I certainly wouldn’t have bothered with)  that I discovered that the ad features a certain Lemmy from Motorhead…and that the track is an acoustic version of what I now know is perhaps their most famous song, The Ace of Spades.

Even though the premise of the ad’s execution (i.e. a slow version of an infamously fast song played by a band famed for their propensity towards thrash/speed metal) went straight over my head, the actual brand positioning still works really well. That’s because there are so many other elements in there that play to the overall sense of discernment that’s inherent in the “Slow the Pace” positioning – the style and depth of the filming, the traditional clock, the newspaper, the game of cards, the laconic (everyday sultry) waitress, the French café ambience, the age of the clientelle etc, etc…

So thanks Kronenbourg 1664, for a positioning that addresses some of the barriers to consumption suffered by you and the lager category in general – i.e. the stuff that’s good to neck and get “lagered” on.

And as an aside, thanks for this “Drink Kronenbourg, get good at Pool” ad from the ’80s, which I came across and had me staring open-jawed at my screen…the thought you getting Eric Bristow in as a Creative consultant makes me smile:

I have to say, I’m not entirely sure that this isn’t, in fact, a skit from a comedy sketch show.




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