Dear Red Bull

Dear Red Bull,

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to non-mainstream, “alternative” action sports…what a perfect platform for you as a brand, demonstrating brand values of both consistency/loyalty to a cause and innovation as new action sports develop and emerge (like Brazil’s Altinha…or Keepy-Uppy to you and I).

I love the way how you (mostly) avoid the Point Break style “adrenalin junky”  stereotype and how, whilst the events you’re involved with are competitive, there’s a genuine sense that it’s about the taking part, the community, the beauty and artistry of the spectacle, as much as it is about  the winning.

Check out this mesmeric, epic and awe-inspiring stuff:

Now I’m sure that purists will say that you’re ruining and commercialising action sports such as Parkour (aka freerunning) that have come from “underground” social movements or indeed philosophies. But I love the way how – through the money you bring – you’re giving people the opportunity to indulge in their passions, whilst entertaining – and more importantly from a brand / communication  perspective, reaching – the rest of us at the same time.

Would this have been such a spectacle without you behind it? Would the individuals and teams have practised and honed their art to the extent they clearly have without you? I doubt it…

So thanks Red Bull – I know I’ve thank you before, here, but I really do admire the scale, extent and scope of what you’re doing to build your brand.



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