Dear Alfa Romeo

Dear Alfa Romeo,

Thank you for being the latest brand to use the Photo Mosaic technique, as part of your 100 year celebrations. Although it might not be a totally new creative idea, the way you’ve done it and the way that you’ve combined “Alfista” sourced images with historic stills from the back catalogue, film, TV and motorsport successes really does feel like a celebration…not just a clever ad knocked together in Photoshop.


You remind me that just because something’s been done before, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it too, especially if you give it a little twist and make it your own – which you have.  Being true to the principle championed by my previous employers – and fully aware of and amused by the inherent irony – I’d like to thank you for doing what all brands should do from time to time…namely “Steal with Pride!”

Other brands have used the Photo Mosaic technique in the past – pretty successfully too:


Like anything, if over-used, or over-stolen by too many brands without enough pride, these peculiarly intriguing and fascinating images that so beautifully blur the lines between art and advertising will lose some of their impact, but until then, thanks must got to Alfa Romeo for being the latest brand to make me look, to make me stare…



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