Dear Wonderwall Inc

Dear Wonderwall Inc,

Thank you for your sublime, simple and truly stunning homepage. OK, it’s only a homepage I know, and we shouldn’t get too excited. But compared to 99% of the sites out there, running my cursor over your “index” (especially with the sound turned on) is brilliantly different from anything else I’ve ever experienced online – it’s an organic, almost sensual experience that’s as mesmerizing at it is practical.

I love the way how you’ve avoided getting too up yourself, how you’ve given the power to me – your visitor – how you haven’t enforced a 2 minute art-house mini-film with chilled-but-funky music (that takes a further 2 minutes to buffer) upon me, and how your design values quite literally jump off the screen at me.

My advice to anyone that’s willing to listen is to turn their sound on, click on the image above or the link below to experience it for themselves.




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