Dear Trebor Extra Strong

Dear Trebor Extra Strong,

Thank you for bringing back childhood memories of the 80s – you were a highlight during the seemingly never-ending family car journeys up and down the A1. And thanks for reminding me of my Dad’s succession of brown Vauxhall Cavaliers…


…and for being nearly as exciting for my brothers and I (as you appeared from between the front seats, pack enticingly torn open) as pulling off the dual-carriageway and into a Happy Eater…or better still a Little Chef, for a lunchtime Olympic Breakfast (with a lolly reward for “eating nicely” and “cleaning the plate”)…

I worry about what will happen to you under your new owners Kraft. I just hope that – unlike the Vauxhall Cavalier, Happy Eater (RIP) and Little Chef (exceptionally bumpy ride since the pre-KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King, M&S-to-Go glory days) – you’ll pull through relatively unscathed.

Thanks for the memories.



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