Dear RingGo

Dear RingGo,

Thank you for remembering who I am, my car registration number and most of my payment details – you make parking at the train station a breeze.

As a pay-as-you-go parker (as opposed to a season ticket holder) having to plan ahead to make sure that I had enough of the correct change was a genuine pain in the proverbial – usually involving having to stop at a garage to break a tenner with a pack of chewing gum that I didn’t really want. But thanks to you I no longer need to worry about it – park up, jump on the train, make one simple phone call and it’s all done. Marvellous.

And thanks for the clarity of your website – I really like the “No change for the car park?” headline…it sums you up perfectly.

I do think that you might have worked a little harder on the images. I’ve not seen many bikini wearing parkers recently and as far as I know there aren’t many station-side paradise beaches. But I do appreciate the limitations of most of the image libraries out there and I guess a mirror-to-reality set of images (grim-looking commuters facing the elements at Bicester North at 5.40am, for example) might not encapsulate the care-free image you’re trying to project…

Thanks again for making my life just that much easier.




4 thoughts on “Dear RingGo

  1. Anne Snelson

    Hi Ned
    Thanks very much for your blog and we’re really glad you like using RingGo to pay for your parking.

    I do also take your point about the bikini-clad image on the front page of our website. Although RingGo is offered at a lot of seaside locations across the UK, at this time of year especially, she maybe doesn’t look quite like your average person paying for their parking.

    Having said that, one of the other nice things about RingGo is that you can extend your parking wherever you are – and I might suggest, that if dressed like this, I probably would prefer to top up from the beach, rather than having to trek back to the car!

    Many thanks again for using RingGo – not to mention liking it enough to post this item on it.

    Very best wishes.

  2. Jesper Ekelund

    Love the blog Ned, hope you are keeping well.

    I used to feel like this about RingGo until I started commuting from Oxford station… if you forget to get the three digit code on the platform (easy to do when you cut catching the train as finely as I do!) it costs £25.40 instead of £5.60. Have also never understood the 20p service charge added to this – I’m talking to a machine… just call the charge £5.80 and it would rile me less!

    And finally, please sort out the iPhone app RingGo – you already charge me 20p per parking session, so how can you possibly justify a subscription charge for the app?

    Other than this, couldn’t agree more with Ned!


    1. Anne Snelson

      Hi Jesper
      The problem at Oxford station is that it’s very near the city centre. So as prices to park at the station were so much lower than the cost of parking in the city centre, people used to park at the station and then walk into town – leaving no room for railway users to park.

      So we were asked to come up with a solution – and the platform discount code (which is only visible from the platform) was what we came up with. It does mean that only genuine railway travellers that have parked at the station can get the discounted price and this means there are now car parking spaces available for everyone that needs them.

      I quite understand that if you’re in a rush, it is one extra thing to remember – but it does mean you have an alternative to paying the same amount as you would in the city centre (which as you quite rightly point out is rather higher than the price you pay with the discount).

      On your point about the convenience charge, the 20p charge is what we receive for providing the RingGo service and is used towards covering our costs of providing the service. The car parking operators keep all the parking fees (we don’t get any share of that) so that’s why the two are separate.

      Finally with the iphone app, we decided that because only a proportion of our customers are able to use it and it cost a fair bit to develop, that we would make a small monthly charge for people that want the added convenience of paying via the app. You can still download and use the search function etc free of charge, you just have to revert to other methods of payment.

      I hope this helps and many thanks for using our service.


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