Dear VW

Dear VW,

Thank you for keeping the concepts of “strength” / “robustness” / “durability” so consistently at the heart of your Polo brand – and for delivering against the promise so convincingly…in the crowded “small-hatch” segment, you stand out and stick in the mind, above all others.

I have had the pleasure of regularly driving 3 VW Polos during my¬† “career” on the road, and despite the slightly dodgy colours (1 mustard yellow, 2 Cigale Blue…which actually means purple…one of which I still drive occasionally), never once have I had cause for even the remotest concern…in relation to the cars at least.

I like what you’ve done with the most recent iteration of the positioning as it builds on the theme, but takes it in a new direction:

I just love this one from a few years back – it’s sublime:

And this one makes me laugh every time:

This one was banned – fairly unsurprisingly – but like many things that are slightly uncomfortable and shocking, no doubt it did the viral rounds nicely:

Thanks VW Polo for getting me from A-B safely and thanks to you and your agency DDB for being such consistent brand guardians.


PS – And thanks again for your classic air-cooled vans which I blogged about here – one day, one day…


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