Dear Seksy

Dear Seksy,

Thank you for making me laugh out loud – but more out of horror and shocked wonderment than humour I’m afraid – and for reminding me of some of the potential branding pitfalls out there. Lots of reasons to thank you:

Thank you for reminding me of the crucial branding difference between simply claiming to be something, and actually being that thing. Has there ever been a person who has shouted at the top of their voice “I’m sexy, I’m sexy, I’m sexy!” and actually been sexy as a result?

Thank you for your misspelt / pun-style name which seems – to me at least – to be the sort of name that the “Local Hairdresser Brand Naming Academy” would have rejected on the grounds that it was just too awful. Personally, I think that misspelt / pun-style name can only work when the tongue is firmly in the cheek, as per Judy Rothchild’s boot brand:

Thank you for your loyalty to the pun – my shock was compounded when I saw your Christmas TV ad. Other brands would have stopped at a simple brand name pun, but you have chosen to demonstrate your unwavering commitment to the form by selecting  “First time I ever Saw your Face” as the soundtrack. So bad, it’s almost good:

And finally thank you for reminding me that one really should think quite hard about how to go about targeting women. Just going for a pink logo and sticking on some sparkly bits doesn’t really cut the mustard I’m afraid.

Thanks for everything.


PS – On reflection, I think you might be being quite clever. Maybe you’re not targeting women at all. Maybe you’re targeting clueless blokes who are desperate to remedy their appalling present-buying track record. Maybe Seksy is a competitive portfolio play, you don’t care about the brand at all, safe in the knowledge that the clueless bloke Christmas sales will justify the whole thing. Maybe.


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