Dear Evian

Dear Evian,

Thank you for reminding me that just because you can do clever things with CGI, that does definitely not mean you should:

As you’re re-releasing this ad, I’m guessing you’ve had some research come back telling you that lots of people just love those “Evian Babies”.

But I don’t.

They’re creepy.

Real babies are cute.

Fake babies that look like they’re on steroids are creepy.

I get what you’re trying to do with the babies and the Live Young brand proposition – but the advertising idea feels all wrong and the execution is just hideous.

That’s not to say CGI with babies cannot be done very well, as demonstrated by HP:

But don’t worry Evian. You’ve got company when it comes to falling into the trap of being seduced by the latest production technique.

Real puppies are cute. Fake anthropomorphic CGI puppies are unnerving and weird.

My bet? Andrex will realise that the CGI grass is not greener and the real puppies will make a comeback. Just like the Tetley Tea folk but the other way round.

Thanks Evian.



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