Dear Waitrose

Dear Waitrose,

Thank you for being a great place for a brand consultant (who’s helping his FMCG clients generate and develop new product ideas) to go strategic shopping.

Unfortunately you’re not really an option for my regular household shopping (neither geographically nor economically), but when it comes to strategic shopping, none of the other supermarkets come anywhere close…


…That’s because you’re willing to stock lots and lots of new and emerging (and therefore interesting and inspirational) brands – as well as some of the more established but “out there” brands – alongside the mass market  brands. Oh, and the fact that you embrace (or at least are not afraid of) premium price points helps too.

So just as all those new and emerging brands are no doubt grateful to have “got listed in Waitrose”, I’m grateful to you for listing so many of them and making my infrequent trips to your stores so intriguing.




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