Dear Berocca

Dear Berocca,

Thank you for the positivity of your positioning, which is very nicely executed in the “You, but on a really good day” strapline. You have very elegantly side-stepped the Problem-Solution-Communication-Cliche that so many brands seek, but often fail, to avoid. .

Sure, it’s of paramount importance that products and brands do solve consumers’ problems (aka meet their needs), but bringing those problems to life in front of consumers’ eyes doesn’t make for a very compelling brand message and is tiresomely cliched – and thus open to parody such as this:

It may be true that people with debt problems do persistently hold their heads / look worried / are on the receiving end of meaningful and concerned glances and glares from their partner, but to recreate those emotions on screen is slightly rubbing salt in the wound, not to mention patronising.

Generally, unless humourous self-deprecation and/or satire are involved, people don’t tend to feel comfortable seeing a negative image of themselves, so for a brand to underline and cement their targets’ misery is not so smart. This is why the Special K lady is a size 12-14 and not a size 20.

So the fact that you, Berocca, have identified a positive positioning in the equilibrium-plus (as opposed to the equilibrium-minus)  territory is admirable. It would have been so easy to show a tired, washed-out business man suddenly become a master of the universe on account of his Berocca. It would have made the point, but in a way that was completely undifferentiated – i.e. not a clever brand strategy!

And thanks for the tone of voice of some of the blurb on your website – I particularly like “Drinking it won’t change your life, or transform you into that person with the disturbing white teeth on those posters.” Beats OK magazine who, as I posted on previously, do promise to transform your life.

Thanks Berocca – I don’t feel any affection towards you, but I do admire you.



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