Dear VW (again),

Dear VW,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There are so many more reasons to thank you – in addition to when I thanked you for your wonderfully simple and enduring VW Polo positioning here, and when I thanked you for your Split Screen Bus here –  that I’ve decided to show my gratitude by dedicating a series of thank you posts to you.

In my humble opinion, you deserve all the praise I’m going to dish out.

First up it’s your Golf – aka Rabbit in some of the further reaches of the globe – now in its 6th generation.

As it happens, I’ve just bought a second-hand Mark IV Golf (as predicted when I was thanking Renault for their Megane Experiment here and here), and whilst I fully recognise that we’re still in the so-called honeymoon period, once again I’m exceedingly happy.

So why did I go back to a VW Golf so confidently? Well I think it’s because of the perfect brand storm that you have so expertly created and crafted in my mind over the years, which is made up of 4 principal elements:

1) A consistently simple Brand Promise of “Reliability” – ingrained into one of the dark recesses of my brain the indelible phrase “If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen” is alive and kicking, no doubt thanks to ads like these:

2) Unflinching product performance and delivery (in my experience) against that Brand Promise – in 4 years of previous Golf stewardship, I never had a major problem…just reliable, economical, fast and stylish motoring – perfect.

3) Celebrating the past, but keeping the message fresh, by making it real and humanising the brand:

And my most favorite – and human – of all:

4) Those 3 little letters – need I say more? (TDi sounds a bit like GTi, so that’s OK)

Plus the fact that everywhere you look you see someone driving a Golf. Cialdini’s principle of Social Proof in action once again.  Vicars, Mums on the school run and rude-boys who spend their every last penny on pimping their rides – they all look happy and comfortable to be driving a Golf. Just like me.

So thank you VW for your Golf – you’ve created a brand that I feel both strong affection for and admire in equal measure.



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