Dear Nicorette

Dear Nicorette,

Thank you for showing us the power of the “Killer Stat”.

According to your obligatory January advertising burst, “If you can make it through the first week, you’re…

Now that’s what I call a compelling piece of evidence and reason for quitters to try Nicorette.

And I love the way that you’ve used that piece of evidence to create the Nicorette 1 Week Challenge.

A few years back, I suspect that you might have just used the stat to create a convincing ad and be satisfied with a job well done.

But by creating – and learning from the likes of Kellogg’s (Drop a Jean Size) and Actimel (2 week challenge) – you’ve turned what was just an interesting and compelling stat into a communication and activation platform with a “Killer Stat” at its heart. Nice work.

Thanks again


PS – For those that are interested in seeing the ad, follow the link to the Nicorette website and click on the Watch Now tab


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