Dear LactoFree

Dear LactoFree,

Thank you for making use of the “Killer Stat” in your latest campaign.

Nicorette, with their 1 Week challenge (which I posted about here), used their “Killer Stat” to create an entire communication and activation platform, and I love the way you have used your “Killer Stat” to go about dispelling myths.

With a stat like: “Over 90% who think they can’t have dairy, can, with Lacto Free”, that’s now 9/10 dairy avoiders who are questioning their behaviour – as long as they see the ads that is…

And thank you for your Dump the lactose not the dairy strapline:

I like its straightforwardness, although I have to confess that the “Dumped” / “Take me back” advertising idea (not to be confused with the brand positioning of course) does feel slightly forced, even if it is beautifully executed. But I’ll forgive you that.

Thanks again,



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