Dear magimix

Dear magimix,

Thank you for your Le Duo Plus XL.

We’ve just finished the final batch of apple juice (frozen then defrosted) that the mighty Le Duo Plus XL helped extract from our modest Oxfordshire harvest, and my, my we enjoyed every single last drop.

The general rule of thumb is that Juicers – along with Breadmakers (to whom I gave thanks here), Lean Mean Grilling Machines (George Foreman), Toasted Sandwich Makers, Flavour Shakers (Jamie Oliver), Fondue Sets and/or Raclette Grills – are a good idea in theory, but in practise gather dust in the “duff cupboard” that can be found in every self-respecting middle-class kitchen.

But Le Duo Plus XL is different.

It’s easy to clean (relatively anyway) and easy to use as long as the operator recognises their own limitations and opts to use one feature only, discarding the multitude of remaining blades / drums / baskets / spindles / plungers / siphons / hoppers / nozzles etc. In our case, we went for the bit that means you can get the juice out of apples without having to peel them. There’s so much to be said for keeping it simple – like this beauty by Philippe Stark:

And thanks, magimix, for being another brand that has become the “generic”. Unless people refer to the “whizzer” or “blender”, they generally refer to their magimix, regardless of whether or not it is one.

There’s something strangely reassuring about brands that become the generic and although not the branding holy grail it might first seem, it must be nonetheless satisfying to hear people use your (proper) noun as a verb. Here’s a few other classics (some of which are not technically the generic as they’re from the same category…which in itself is mildly interesting):

And of course, the Godfather of generic brands:

Thanks again magimix.


PS – Special thanks to Paul who donated the  Le Duo Plus XL to us in the first place!

Flavour Shaker


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