Dear Wild & Wolf

Dear Wild & Wolf,

Thank you for your trimPhone.

I’ve just acquired one in a rather fetching ’70s avocado green – and, sad as it may seem, it gives me a minor thrill each time it rings:Thank you for looking convincingly retro and at the same time incorporating up to date features such as hold, redial, volume control etc.

To be honest I don’t really care whether or not you’re fair replica of an actual ’70s design, nor whether you may have features that the “original” didn’t…the fact that you look the part and do the job is more than enough for me.

As it happens, I’m a big fan of modern interpretations of classic designs.

Purists will say that the “spirit of the original is lost”, and they are right – as per the new Mini, built by BMW, and the New Beetle, basically a VW Golf.

But I think what the purists mean is that they want to protect something that they consider to be theirs and cannot bear the thought of every Tom, Dick or Hairdresser taking the easy road into their brand, with none of the effort or heartache that they – the card-carrying owners of the original – have invested.

But I say bring it on. If it was a good design back in the day, the chances are it’s going to appeal today.

The original is still there for the purists, the new one is just different, almost always functionally better, if not an emotional improvement for those die-hard aficionados.

Most importantly for brand owners however, a modern interpretation of a classic design represents a potentially massive route to growth.  And growth is the name of the game after all.

Just goes to show that brand loyalists are not necessarily the people to talk for brands that are looking to grow.

So thanks Wild & Wolf for your trimPhone – I love it. Iwas equally tempted by your Lobby and Desk phones, not to mention the beautiful but crazy Scandiphone:




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