Dear HP

Dear HP,

Thank you for giving me a right laugh by putting Dr Dre into a pair (?) of hydraulically-powered-audio-enhanced-face-and-gas-mask-ski-goggles in your ad for your HP Envy laptop:

I know he’s a doctor, but come on, this futuristic surgical mask does make him look just a little bit silly…which is pleasingly ironic for someone who appears to take himself somewhat seriously. Here’s the full ad:

This effort of yours – from Australia? – is much, much better:

The good doctor’s collaboration with Monster – to create the beats by dr dre brand – is actually pretty insightful, being based on the genuine insight that cheap headphones make good music sound crap:

With all the additional celebrity endorsement from Lady Gaga – and lots of other people I haven’t heard of but who appear to be major music / rap stars – and apparent stella product performance, there’s clearly something in the brand.

Therefore the logic of applying the beats  brand to laptops (which also make music sound crap) as a “branded ingredient” makes a good deal of sense, especially given the precedent set by Intel:

Although I’m not yet entirely convinced by the brand fit between you, HP, and Compton’s resident GP, I do think that it’s admirable that you’re trying to solve a genuine consumer problem with a combination of technology and branding. It’s certainly a better route than descending into mind-boggling techo-babble.

So thanks for that and for giving me a laugh with Dr Dre’s goggles.



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