Dear Fosters

Dear Fosters,

Thank you for giving me a right laugh:

OK, OK, I know it’s puerile, childish and generally not the sort of humour that should appeal…but that final exchange between Warren and his girlfriend makes me laugh every time I see it – the actress deserves a Bafta.

Thank you for the UK-Australia telephone call “device” – you’ve got yourself a truly campaignable advertising idea that many brands seek but fail to find.

Thank you for your “Good Call!” strapline – it’s simple, memorable and beautifully sums up the brand personality.

Thank you for blatantly and unashamedly playing to social, sexual and national stereotypes…if you had been timid, you wouldn’t be half as funny. Sure the Political Correctness brigade might not like it, but they’re probably not buying Fosters anyway, so who cares.

Thank you for being unmistakably Fosters. Your humour is similar to that of Carling – who I thanked here – and with Castlemaine XXXX and Toohey’s a distant memory for most UK consumers, there’s little chance of the dreaded “great-ad-but-can’t-remember-what-brand-it-was-for” scenario.

Thanks again



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