Dear Lucozade Sport Lite

Dear Lucozade Sport Lite,

Thank you for making me think about why brands reposition themselves.

You’ve gone from this (at launch about a year ago):

To this (which has just hit our screens):

Poles, leagues, galaxies apart – almost shockingly so.

Clearly something has happened to make you reposition so radically…but what I wonder?

Is it because the people you thought would drink you (i.e. gym go-ers) aren’t actually drinking you, and instead you’re being drunk by the weight conscious as a lifestyle drink / hangover cure and you felt the need to reposition in the “lifestyle sports” space?

Is it because you thought you had to start with a clean positioning slate after you had to recall & withdraw your Summer Berries variant on account of the unpleasant smell and mould growth?

Is it because squash / swimming / spinning / the treadmill are all a bit middle-aged (and consequently by definition a bit boring) and you wanted to give yourself bit more of a dynamic (youthful, funky, multicultural) brand personality?

Is it because people just don’t quite get the idea of a low-calorie energy drink and as a result aren’t buying it? (I know you’re about replenishing salts and minerals and whatnot, but loads of people drink you like you’re an energy drink that’s somehow a bit more justifiable than Red Bull, Monster, Relentless etc)

Is it becuase Powerade Zero has come along with a sharper, more aspirational and appealing proposition and started making life difficult for you? (Helped by Coca-Cola’s distribution muscle of course)

Is it because you’re doing really well, you’ve maxed out on the gym-goer segment (both in terms of mindspace and distribution) and now you’re going after an additional audience (whilst trying to keep hold of your gym-goers)?

Is it because you got a new Marketing Director who appointed a new agency, neither of whom wanted to be associated with the past / both of whom wanted to “make an impact”? Or maybe you gave the task to a new funky young creative team from within the existing agency?

Is it because you kept the same Marketing Director and ad agency, but they fancied a trip to the beach / Los Angeles to top up their tans?

Or is it simply because you’re not selling as much as you thought you would and you need to shift some volume, so you’ve thrown caution to the wind and gone for something radical in the hope that a change is as good as a rest – a bit of a double or quits strategy?

I’m sure there are loads and loads more reasons why you’ve repositioned, but thanks for making me think about the possibilities – it’s been an intriguing diversion…and I would have loved to have seen the brief to see if any of my hypotheses were correct!

Thanks again



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