Dear Woodward’s Gripe Water

Dear Woodward’s Gripe Water,

Thank you for being wonderfully Victorian. The words “Gripe Water” transport me to another world.

I cannot quite put my finger on why you’re so appealing….it’s a whole load of different things really, so I’ll thank you for all of them:

Thank you for not changing in the 150 years that you’ve been around – it kind of proves that you do what you claim you do. “New improved, Gripe Water, now with Simethicone” (or whatever) just doesn’t hold the same appeal.

Thank you for making me think of all the babies you’ve helped – I like the idea that you were given to my great-grandparents by their parents – in pretty much exactly the same way as we give you to our children.

Thank you for surviving all this time – you’re the sort of brand that I would have imagined might have disappeared along with horse-drawn taxis and the penny-farthing…you make me feel nostalgia for a past that I didn’t experience. (Note to self: Must invent time-machine.)

Thank you for not really bothering to update yourself – it shows a confidence and stoicism that’s admirable.

Thank you for being a constant, whilst parents have been getting  their knickers in a twist. There seems to be so much for parents to worry about these days – the relative merits of the latest babycare fad, what “tog”  sleeping bag baby would prefer, which pram is the most practical, which steriliser is the most sterile, which bottles are / are not BPA-free, which baby-monitor to go for (with or without an integrated room thermometer?), reusable or disposable nappies , etc etc – I like the way you sit in the corner of the bedroom like a wise old owl who’s seen it all before.

Thank you for having owners (formerly SSL International and now Reckitt Benckiser) that either have the good sense or lack of interest to leave you alone, doing what you do best – I get the impression that you’ll never fall into the wrong hands.

And thank you for helping to make Arthur’s tummy feel better. If he knew what was going on, I’m sure he’s appreciate it as much as his Mum and Dad do.

Thanks again.



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