Dear Virgin Media

Dear Virgin Media,

Thank you reminding me of how brands can (and should) use music to create distinctive memory structures…you pass the “will people know that it’s us, even if they’re in the other room” test with top grades:

And thanks for weaving together (or should that be “mixing”) multiple musical elements to create something that’s not only distinctive and ownable but also familiar.

I had to look all this up, but I love it that you’ve used:

  • The lyrics from Madness’s “Our House” (which I had heard countless times before, but didn’t recognise in the ad)
  • The tune from Dan Black’s “Symphonies” (which I hadn’t heard before, but which samples Rihanna’s Umbrella, which I had heard before)

Thanks should also go to a few other brands that successfully used music to create distinctive memory structures:

OK, it’s pretty silly and deeply annoying, but the brand is now ingrained into our collective memory structures to the extent that can do this:

And even these:

I guess only time will tell whether Bill Bernbach’s adage that “Nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising” will be proved correct yet again, as I’ve heard that dealing with webuyanycar can be a somewhat sub-optimal experience.

The team at have done the same thing, with the hateable – but memorable – Gio Compario:

Here’s a few more brands that have used music to get a 10/10 in the “will people know that it’s us, even if they’re in the other room” test:

This one is actually quite funny, but as a general rule I find the “bloke-bashing” theme of these Boots ads to be unoriginal at best, and deeply aggravating at worst.

Boots also face the challenge that – in my mind at least – “Here Come the Girls” has a memory structure centred around gaggles of chanting 30-something women  who have shared a few gallons of after-work Friday night rosé by 6.45pm, and are inaccurately teetering their way from a wine bar to a “night” club via a Big Mac and 3 or 4 B&H.

But that’s just me.

Muller have mixed it up a bit with their tracks, but I just love this one, so I put it in here for good measure.

Thanks Virgin Media – distinctive memory structure established.



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