Dear Kenco

Dear Kenco,

Thank you for your latest piece of NPD – Kenco Millicano.

I like the way you have defined a new sub-category – “Wholebean Instant coffee” (a combination of instant coffee and finely-milled coffee beans).  I’ve yet to try the product but the concept appeals, so “tick” for the brand extrinsic part.

And I’m certain that you’ve made the right call in creating a sub-brand with a highly differentiated look and feel. A simple line extension / flavour variant would have

  • Failed to broaden the brand’s frame of reference from the current “Instant” cul-de-sac
  • Risked collateral damage to your current instant coffee range (by too direct a comparison)
  • Risked the opportunity to justify a premium price point
  • Missed the chance of getting lapsed or non-users to reconsider a Kenco product


What’s going on with your communications strategy?

Aside from Miranda Hart’s voiceover (why her?), I LOVE these:

They remind me Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes who I thanked here.

But what’s with this?

How do you get from “Each Millicule is Special” to “Things I’m Loving Right Now”?

And surely you could have done a few more takes to see if you could get Keeley Hawes to force out a slightly more convincing smile? Or were you / she “on the clock”?

Maybe “Each Millicule is Special” was a total disaster and you’ve had to have a radical rethink…

…But I suspect that this “Real Life Scenario” + “Celebrity Endorsement”  pincer movement communications strategy is something that you actually planned from the outset.





Which is a shame, as it was all going so well.

Nice NPD, right branding approach, great initial brand & comms idea (“Specialness”)…all spoilt by a completely unnecessary slavish adherence to the belief that brands need celebrities.

Sometimes they do, but in your case Kenco Millicano, you didn’t. You were much stronger before Ms Hawes picked up her paycheck. IMHO.

Oh well. Thanks anyway.



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