Dear Radox

Dear Radox,

Thank you for the latest ad for your range of For Men Shower Gel and Shampoos:

It makes me laugh from start to finish.

Whereas your previous effort only made me smile a bit.

And thanks for  combining Shower Gel and Shampoo – it’s reassuring to see such a classically simple piece of innovation. Vidal Sassoon would have been proud.

Whilst I totally get Designed for Men of the World, I’m not so sure about your Be Selfish masterbrand positioning. In fact, I’m wholly unconvinced.

It strikes me as a classic case (and warning to other brands) of the dangers of taking what people say in focus groups too literally.

Just because doing something…

(…for example, spending 30 minutes in the bath…)

…might make you feel a certain way…

(…for example, slightly selfish or guilty…)

…and that you might admit that to the nice lady in the strange room in Sunbury…

(…which just happens to contain 7 other women all of whom have the same outlook on life as you (as per the recruitment spec) and 2 of whom are actually your friends…)

…that does NOT mean you want to hear a brand reminding you of it.

I mean who wants to actively associate themselves with one of the most dislikable human traits via their brand choice?

It’s a bit like if Carslberg decided to position Special Brew with the line Be Shitfaced

Yes, it’s what some people ultimately want from the product (i.e. to forget your worries with your “mates” in the park from 9am – 11pm) but it’s hardly something to shout about or be proud of…

And finally, thanks Radox for putting your For Men Shower Gel and Shampoos on
constant promotion – why put 2 bottles into your shopping trolley when you can put in 6?

Thanks again



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