Dear Bridgestone

Dear Bridgestone,

Thank you for demonstrating the risks of climbing up and leaning over the top of the emotional benefit ladder:

When emotional branding becomes emotional blackmail, the alarm bells should start ringing.

I understand why you’ve done it (i.e. to get past the primitive (archipallium) and rational (neopallium) parts of the brain and into the branding sweetspot that is the intermediate brain (aka the paliopallium / the Limbic System) [terminology?], but you seem to have missed the crucial point that there’s “good emotion” and “bad emotion”…

“Buy me unless you want to be a irresponsible parent and risk your children’s life” – is, for me, in the “bad emotion” camp, and that will remain with me and affect my decision-making process next time I’m down at Kwik-Fit…

Unless you’re cheaper than the other premium brands in which case I’ll disregard all of the above, forgive you for blackmailing me and feel good about the fact that I’m being a responsible parent who’s doing the utmost to protect his family even down to his choice of tyres…




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