Dear Dr Oetker

Dear Dr Oetker,

Thank you for your Pizza Ristorante ad – I admire (and am in awe of) your apparently irony-free ambition:

Thank you for being so confident in your German-made frozen pizzas (which for the brand unaware appears to have been created by a Bavarian medical professional) that you feel a head-to-head comparison with a real Italian pizzeria is appropriate. That takes some courage.

Thank you for your detailed product shots. If I was in any doubt as to how unappetising you seem to have made your pizzas appear, then the Made in Germany text insert serves as cast-iron confirmation.

But finally, thank you for reminding me of this infamous, highly memorable, highly quotable (i.e. “viral” before its time) and thoroughly enjoyable effort from Ferrero Rocher:

I’d like to think that you were parodying Ferrero Rocher, Dr. Oetker, and that you were you trying to create some kind of ironic cult following.

But in my heart of hearts I don’t think that was the case.



UPDATE (17 June) – Just read in Marketing Magazine that Dr Oetker is rolling out an ad campain claiming that its Ristorante range of thin-based pizzas are the best selling frozen pizzas in Italy:

Well that’s pretty impressive. Well done Dr Oetker.

I feel this news should leave me feeling red-faced, and that I should take it all back…but it doesn’t really, as the “Italy’s best loved pizza” claim is somewhat misleading…

Yes there’s an asterisk clarifying that “Ristorante is the No.1 Frozen Pizza in Italy” – so the arses are well and truly covered – but it’s a bit sneaky if you ask me!


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