Dear Birds Eye

Dear Birds Eye,

Thank you for your Catch Fresh range. A very simple, but very smart piece of innovation, with an ad that makes me laugh every time I see it:

Thank you for your inspired selection of William Dafoe as the voice of your polar bear…I bet he never thought he’d find himself saying the words, “But this time tomorrow night you’ll be back in Bromley”.

Thank you for:

– Your proposition – it’s clear, compelling, motivating, relevant and highly campaignable

– Your packaging – it sure is tough behind those glass / white doors (and consequently you will never look as good as you do on the design agencies boards / your own website) but you do manage to stand-out and convey freshness

– Filling a close-to-home gap in your portfolio – good old simple common sense in action

– Your Peeled to Frozen in 2.5 hours claim – it supports freshness unequivocally

– Your brand architecture – you play the hinterland between a costly sub-brand and a plain old boring descriptor beautifully, and the linkage to the Field Fresh vegetable proposition is smart, elegant and plays to your historical equities

So thanks for Catch Fresh

…but also thanks for your William Dafoe powered mafioso polar bear – he makes me laugh:

Thanks again



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