Dear Brita

Dear Brita,
Thank you for keeping me hydrated via your Marella Water Filter Jug:
There’s something inherently pleasing and calming about a simple glass of chilled refreshing, purified water…and you help me achieve that lots of times a day – so thanks for that.
And thanks for being another example of Branded System Lock-In.
I have very mixed feelings towards brands that have locked me in to their system.
As a consumer, I feel slightly stitched up and vexed, as it feels like they’ve gained my loyalty unjustly:
  • Gillette (razor blades – the classic, definitive example)
  • Thule (roof bar accessories – an expensive shock)
  • Brabanita (bin liners – I know you can get generic ones but they’re not as good)
  • Nespresso (capsules – but it can be quite fun)
  • HP (inkjet cartridges – annoying, but what can you do? Other than not print as much…)
  • Bugaboo (pram accessories – do we really need that?)
  • Tommee Tippee (nappy bin disposal cassettes – OK, we really do need that)
Although sometimes I don’t (or didn’t) seem to mind that much:
  • Apple / iTunes (hardware/software compatibility – yes it does work on a PC, but it’s good to have an excuse to shell out on some shiny new kit)
  • Filofax (replacement pages / inserts – the Apps for the 80s)
  • Sony (MiniDisc – like CDs that you can record onto but cannot scratch – let me at ’em!)
  • Henry Numatic (Vacuum Bags – hard to deny that cheeky face something quite so simple)
But as a marketer, I’m full of admiration…as long as the forced repeat purchase does not turn into resentment and subsequent abandonment.


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