Dear VW Commercial Vehicles

Dear VW Commercial Vehicles,

Thank you for understanding, being proud of, playing back and celebrating the deep connection that can exist between man and vehicle…or in your case, man and van:

To some, this might seem trivial (as far as they’re concerned, a van is a functional item that takes you and some of your stuff from A-B), but for those of us that have experienced you, there’s something else.

It’s hard to pin down, but as a former owner of a VW Campervan, I really do feel the love.

Perhaps it’s because you’re reliable, faithful, consistent and loyal. Like a dog in fact, you’re a man’s best friend.

And thank you for acting as a Reason to Believe for van drivers and tradesmen up and down the country. I trust VW drivers. I’ll get a good job at a fair price from a VW driver. A cowboy wouldn’t drive a VW.

When the day comes that I need to buy a van, you are the only option.




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