Dear UPS

Dear UPS,

Thank you for your unashamedly all-American delivery trucks…not the vans, the trucks.

Yesterday evening, you made the B2027 between Islip and Bletchingdon feel like Highway 61.

Americana in Oxfordshire. Yessiree.

OK, so your trucks look totally out of place on the UK roads, but they do a great job of helping your brand stand out. As do those somewhat unflattering acrylic mud-brown uniforms…Brand touchpoints my boy, brand touchpoints…

But what I really wanted to thank you – and your vans – for, was enabling your drivers to bomb along with both doors open.

Seeing one of your drivers bouncing around on his seat whilst the evening sun pours in, is one of those little things that makes me smile.

  • It’s the van drivers’ equivalent of putting the roof down in the convertible and blasting off into the sunset with a broad smile on their face – happy days!
  • It’s as if the driver is saying, “I fear no-one and nothing …I’m the master of my own destiny and I laugh in the face of the health and safety pedants” – nice one!
  • It’s a sure sign the sun is shining and life is good – summer’s here!
  • In fact, it’s nearly as heart-warming as seeing a dog, ears-pinned back, taking in the air from a moving car window – one of my favourite sights of all time

And thank you for that driver seat – the fact that it looks like the cross between the type of loo you might find in a mid-state penitentiary and the electric chair you might find a hop and a skip along from Death Row, makes your trucks seem all the more American.

Thanks again UPS.






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