Dear The Apprentice

Dear The Apprentice,

Thank you once again (I thanked you (here) previously), for entertaining me so brilliantly over the past couple of months…

Once again the far-fetched and totally unrealistic trials and tribulations of your loathable, laughable, likeable and loveable candidates was a televisual feast!

Thank you revising your format and making the prize just so much more intriguing…

In the old format, Helen would have (deservedly) got the job and no doubt disappeared into the Sugar empire only to re-emerge approximately 24 months and 1 day later.


But with the new format and a £250k investment up for grabs, we got Tom as our winner.


(And I’m not just saying that because he was my pick from the outset – well Episode 2, or 3, anyway)

And finally, thank you for making me wonder whether your producers are going to address the branding dilemma that now faces them for the next series…

Much improved and highly compelling product / format…


Brand name that is no longer appropriate and only partially relevant.

I suspect they’ll rightly opt for the “don’t fix what ain’t broke” / “carry on as if nothing’s changed” strategy in the short-term, but as the franchise marches on, the disconnect will grow and grow…

New for 2015, Lord Sugar’s search for The Entrepreneur, has begun…?

Thanks again



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