Dear San Miguel

Dear San Miguel,

Thank you for coming up with (yet) another excellent positioning.

I hope for your sake that you manage to hold on to this one:

I very much like this effort to carve out some space – “A life well lived” is pretty much what we all aspire to isn’t it?

Having said that, I thought your previous positioning was also excellent:

It’s just a shame that you were pushed off this positioning post (outspent?) by Kronenbourg 1664 (who I in fact thanked here when perhaps I should have been thanking you as you got there first) .

I was actually less convinced by your positioning before that…

…But maybe that’s just because I have a thing about brands that claim “passion”.

For me, “passion” is an over-used, introspective and empty word. It’s a bit of a lazy, catch-all, lowest common denominator short-hand used by brands that are too busy thinking about themselves and not enough about their consumers.

Well that’s jolly good for you, I’m delighted that you’re passionate about baking – or plumbing, or hairdressing, or pencil sharpeners. or whatever you spend your time making to sell to me – but what does that mean for me?

Don’t get me wrong, “passion” is a good thing if consumers take out that you’re passionate, as in “My god those guys are passionate about what they do”. But not so good if you’re having to remind people just how passionate you are at the top of your voice – it just rings a bit hollow.

It reminds me of one of my favourite marketing cartoons of all time:

Sorry – I ripped those images from somewhere so long ago that I have no way of crediting it to its originator. But, whoever you are, thank you.



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