Dear McDonald’s BCO

Dear McDonald’s BCO,

Thank you for reminding me of the old advertising adage that “nothing kills a bad product quicker than good advertising.”

I really, really love your ad:

Well I say I love your ad.

The truth is, I do love it.

Right up until the point when you come into it.

When I feel a wave of disappointment. (Sorry but it’s true.)

Now I know I’m being unfair:

  • I haven’t tried you – my disappointment stems purely from a legacy of brand prejudice
  • You could well be a fantastic product – although based on past experience of the mismatch between the Big Mac in the ad and what you get in the box, I think I’ll retain my right to reserve judgement
  • (Having said that, you do seem slightly more appealing than a McChicken Sandwich – conceptually at least)
  • You may proceed to become a big hit, proving the adage (?) that great advertising of a great product is the best way to maximise commercial success
So, thanks for the roller-coaster of emotion that you gave me on the sofa last night:
  • Intrigue, Excitement & Anticipation (the decorators doing that cool stuff)
  • Disappointment & Disenchantment (oh it’s McDonald’s, what a shame)
  • Chastisement (don’t be so judgemental, they may have pulled this one out of the bag, they should be considered innocent until proven guilty etc)

OK, so the roller-coaster of emotion didn’t even come close to “9/11: The Day that changed the world” on ITV1, and was completely blown out of the water by the utterly compelling “Our War: Caught in the Crossfire” on repeat on BBC3, but at least you gave the ad break a frisson that I wasn’t expecting.

Thanks again.



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